Enrolment Survey for 2023

It is time to organise enrolment arrangements for 2023. At this time, we would ask everyone to complete the following questionnaire so we can best attempt to meet your needs in 2023.

The centre’s last day for 2022 will be Wednesday 21st December. The first day for 2023 will be Monday 9th January. If parents wish to take longer holidays in January, fees will be charged from your first day back or from Monday 16th January 2023.

We will try to accommodate children in the weeks before they begin school. However, this will depend upon enrolments for 2023 and places will be strictly limited.

Please complete this survey no later than Friday 26th August 2022 so we can attempt to meet everyone’s needs in the coming year.

Daily Fees for 2023:

Preschool            $111.00 per day      9am-3pm.
Long Day Care    $125.00 per day      7am-6pm.

Please Note:
This is only a survey and written confirmation of bookings will be given in late September.
Please return these surveys as soon as possible, however we do not operate on a first come first serve basis. Changes in days will be accommodated as much as possible, although not guaranteed. Priority will be given firstly to working parents and those families who returned their surveys.